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Hydromate Automatic Watering System

(Reg No: PG0254662-V)

About Hydromate Automatic Watering System

**Automate Garden Watering with HYDROMATE Automatic Lawn Sprinkler System**

**Company Profile:**
HYDROMATE Automatic Watering Solutions specializes in garden pop up sprinkler system, micro irrigation and drip system. As a pioneer in garden pop up sprinkler solution for residential gardens, we are able to bring you low cost automatic sprinkler solution with excellent track record of bungalow and commercial projects since 6 years back. Our solution are flexible to be installed as we do not need water pump and electricity to automate the garden lawn watering. We turned legacy lifestyle into innovative LABOR-FREE plants watering solutions.

**Competitive Advantage of Our System**
a. Our sprinkler solution can spray small lawn (2 meters width lawn). This gives full flexibility during installation to cover small width of lawn. Our competitor can only spray 4 meters.
b. No pump needed. Our solution works with government water supply. Ie SYABAS, PBA.
c. Our maintain less water spraying to fencing wall or house building with our specialty.
d. Silent Sprinkler Operation. Unlike many others, our sprinkler are very quiet when spraying water, causing less noise to neighborhood.
e. All under 1 sprinkler solution. 90, 180, 360 degree spray. Spraying from 2 meters - 15 meters sprinkler solution.
f. Vertical landscape and hanging plants misting system.
g. Saving Water up to 50%. Competitor's nozzle may not be as water efficient as ours.
h. We have widest range of irrigation parts for right watering solution for right plants. Competitors will tend to use similar parts for all application

**Product Warranty:**
a. 1 Year Warranty of Automatic Controller functionality direct from our Company. Competitor may refer to OEM claim which takes time to repair and replace when necessary.

**Other Benefits Of Our System:**
a. Landscape Growth Guaranteed. Newly built landscape taken care of by our system.
b. Cheapest solution in the market. Our product is designed for affordability. Thus, becoming the cheapest solution.
c. Save hours and hours of your time in garden watering and be a big helper during away from home on holiday.
**FREE Consultation (Without Obligation)**
Our company provides free consultation and design for customer without obligation. We are aiming to help homeowners to design complete system without any hassle needed. We are committed to design a completely cost efficient solution that affordable for almost every homeowner.

**Service Coverage Areas**
Selangor, KL, Shah Alam, Kedah, Perak, Penang
**How To Reach Us?**
Project Engagement/Sales Line: 0124312972 (Mr.Chang)

Contact Information

Contact Person: Mr Chang
Address: Klang
Mobile: 012 - 4312972

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