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SOTHYS Queensbay Mall Penang

(Reg No: 1209242-U)

About SOTHYS Queensbay Mall Penang

We are dedicated in providing customers with undisputed products and services that brings effective results they deserve. Our attentive and qualified Skincare Solution Specialist will employ methodology exclusive to SOTHYS in perfecting the aesthetic techniques to assure our customers satisfaction and excellence in achieving healthy youthful skin.

More than 20 SOTHYS signature treatments are available at the salon, including treatments encompassing the exclusive Digi-Esthetique® massage methodology – which imparts our distinct touch that flows from the heart to unlock the well-being of beautiful skin. We are here to provide your skin - be it dry/oily/acne-prone/sensitive a solution.

SOTHYS Queensbay will provide you the best skin answer & the best relaxation hub in Penang.

我们致力于为顾客提供不容置疑的产品与服务,以保证顾客们都能见证到我 的产品与护理所能给予的美好的效果。我们已合格的护肤专家都正采用独 SOTHYS的美学技术,这是为了确保我们能达到卓越的顾客满意度和实现顾客梦 寐以求的健康年轻肌肤。

我们的美容院拥有超过20项的护理,其中包括SOTHYS独家的Digi-Esthetique®按摩手 法 - 这结合了独特的按摩技术和真诚,以解开美肌的秘密。我们在这里是为了提 您肌肤 - 无论是干/油性/暗疮/敏感,一个最佳的解决方案。

位于槟城中心SOTHYS Queensbay美容院将能提供你最好的肌肤答案同时能让你完全放松的新世界。

Contact Information

Contact Person: SOTHYS Queensbay Mall Penang
Address: Ground Floor 57 & 58, Queensbay Mall, 100 Persiaran Bayan Indah Bayan Lepas,
11900, Georgetown
Phone: 04 - 6439833

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