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Wunderboom Marketing, Public Relations & Emcee

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About Wunderboom Marketing, Public Relations & Emcee

**MARKETING Support Kuala Lumpur**

There comes a time when the usual marketing strategies that you deploy become mundane and less effective. Get a fresh perspective and assistance to your marketing activities!

If you need help developing your marketing strategy. If you need help putting marketing processes into place. To ensure that the marketing engine of your business is healthily running. We can help to get you boosted in your efforts.

We will understand your business, target markets, and products or services, then work with you to develop a marketing strategy and calendar to follow through the peaks and troughs of market conditions. We will help you develop a marketing calendar that works for your business, and plan through the year to meet business and sales goals.

We will also look at the different affecting elements around the Marketing Plan, as they all inter-link together to bring about improvements in sales at the bottom line.

As Environment is also important, we also do Visual Merchandising and decoration work, as it is also important to be presentable once we invite consumers over. So if you have your products displayed but is not eye-catching enough, then perhaps aside from marketing strategies, we need to also look at your presentability. It all works together in a marketing communications process that has to be planned and executed.


**PUBLIC RELATIONS Support Kuala Lumpur**

As you operate your business, you would have stakeholders that you engage with, be it your customers, suppliers, neighbours, regulatory bodies, media, shareholders, and so on so forth. The idea of good Public Relations best practices is to ensure that communication and interaction with these stakeholders are planned and managed effectively, with desired outcomes in mind. When a public relations exercise is well planned, key messages – which are the desired take-outs from the engagement are planned and communicated to the target audience.

It is also important to be able to manage public perception. And that’s where media relations is a key tool in Public Relations. Mass media, whether online portals, television, cinema, newspapers, magazines, consumers are exposed to so many different messaging and thoughts from every corner they turn. But everyone can differentiate between a paid advertisement, and from an editorial. It’s just like reading how good a product is by the manufacturer, as opposed to reading user reviews.

So we can help you with managing the media, whilst churning out coverage which is the key desired outcome from Public Relations exercises.

*Some of our Public Relations services:*









Aside from Media Relations, we can also help you plan, strategise, message and word the interactions with your other stakeholders, whether it is for your Annual General Meeting, or if you are a developer and are about to meet and greet a group of angry residents. Proper communication strategy is worth planning, as the outcome is highly varied depending on responses to critical issues.

Crisis Communications to flesh out worst case scenarios, and how a clear flow of communication if structured in response to a company crisis. This ensures that the organisation has one voice, and speaks coherently and effectively in a well planned and timely response.

There also comes times where your company spokesperson, whether it is your CEO, GM or Manager needs to respond in an effective manner when dealing with company stakeholders. Saying the wrong thing can negatively impact the image and running of the organisation. We offer Spokespersons training, which includes a mock-press conference to get your spokesperson ready for responses.

Once again we are presented with the importance of how we should plan our responses, what we want to reinforce again and again so the message gets through, what do we want to avoid getting further into, and how do we bridge away from undesired questions and responses. In the end, the media print and record what you say. No matter what they ask, your answer is what people take your word for.

Or if it is just copywriting or contest strategising. We would love to hear from you.


**EMCEE Services**

If you need someone to manage the flow of your event, we can help you. From helping you firm up the itinerary, and to smoothly run your event in the tone that you prefer – Professional corporate, or simply a fun one!

Get in touch with us and we will tailor to your needs once we understand your event goals and objectives, audience and other important factors that can positively affect the delivery outcome.

There are many ways to liven up an event, whether it is an annual dinner, or product launch or even a wedding. Emcee interaction with the crowd can be combined with fun and games. From physical challenges, to funny competitive games. Whilst most of these events are from organisations, other interesting ways to add value to the event could even be games with team building elements. Since there is a gathering of a certain group of people, it is worth putting in some effort to let the audience return with some take-aways and learnings. But all in all, most of the time what is most expected is a jolly good time.
We have experience ranging from live television hosting, to corporate events with Malaysian Ministers, weddings, concerts, mall tours, launches, etc.

Some instances even included acting through a skit with Harith Iskandar, Malaysia’s funnyman in Sunway Pyramid Mall.

And of course presentability and presence of the emcee is also an important factor. We’ll do our best to charm the ladies and gentlemen. Haha!

So looking at the spectrum of how delivery can vary, think about what is best for your event. And get in touch with us for further discussion. We look forward to hearing from you.

Contact Information

Contact Person: Kesh Sandhu
Address: 37, Jalan SS22/20A, Damansara Jaya
47400, Petaling Jaya
Phone: 03 - 77337382
Mobile: 018 - 3712737
Fax: 03 - 77337382

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