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Guides for Business Owner

Please note that all ads will be pending for review by site admin before it is publish in this website. To ensure that your ads do not get rejected, please observe these golden rules.

The Golden Rules

  1. Please do not include any form of URL in the About Us field. This is not link site.
  2. No duplicates. We will delete all listings that we deem are duplicates. Please use the search function to ensure your business is not yet listed in our database before you submit a new one.
  3. Please make sure the content in About Us is not too short or contain to many grammatical errors.
  4. Please do not post advertisement in multiple states with the same IP address or user email even though the advertisement is unique.
  5. Please do not post advertisement from overseas. All advertisements with IP address other than from Malaysia will be rejected immediately.
  6. All contacts including telephone number must be in Malaysia.
  7. Please post in appropriate category. We will reject advertisement that are not in the correct category.